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Winter Garden / Tiilipuutarha 4

Environmental artwork with photo prints and bricks
Tribe Roastery and Café, Woodstock Foundry, Cape Town, 2014-2015

Waitress Tandiswa Landu in Winter GardenWaitress Tandiswa Landu in Winter GardenWaitress Tandiswa Landu in Winter Garden.

When you have summer, we have winter in Finland. I wanted to bring those different seasons, summer and winter, South and North into the same space for a while. My Winter Garden photos, flower pots full of snow, are printed on weather resistant materials (vinyl, forex).

I have made environmental artworks and installations in Finland and many European countries for 25 years, including three Brick Gardens in 2013-2014 in Kuopio and Helsinki. In recent years, working partly in South Africa, I have been very inspired by Capetonian nature and art, especially Egon Tania's art at Woodstock Foundry.

The construction of this artwork was a collaborative process that was participated by the staff of the Foundry and the Cafe.

I have a grant for my Brick Gardens from the Finnish Art Council / Eastern Finland.

Tasting butternut pot with the matron of the café.
In the background Egon Tania's Brick Fountain, to the right part of Winter Garden.