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Indigo Sky

Installation as part of Centre for Creative Arts Mylly's 10 years jubilee exhibition series,
Apaja shopping mall, Kuopio 2020


Kristiina Korpela & Co.



My installation of indigo textiles, cloths and objects was on display in the Apaja Mall, Kuopio, during November. The installation was part of Centre for Creative Arts Mylly's 10 years jubilee exhibition series.

I built a bit of space under the "Pole of the World", i.e. Kuopio Market Square, with African themes, in bazar feelings. I have travelled around on the continent a lot and worked in Nigeria and South Africa. From my journeys I have acquired and received as gifts indigo textiles and meanwhile got acquainted with dyers, sewers and textile artists. The astronomy hobby of my youth also affects in the background of my work.

Special thanks to unknown dyer grandmas, dressmaker Lucy Ali and artist Segun Adeku in Nigeria; the textile artists Antoinette du Plessis (SWAY) and Jill Trappler as well as Prof Retha de la Harpe in South Africa; Aarni Korpela who has made the space tin cans.


Indigo Sky (part), 2020. Textiles from Nigeria and South Africa.


Indigo Sky (part), 2020. Reflections from Apaja's passage, below space tin cans.