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Of Harvest and Smoke Sauna

Installations, photos and video

Ars Libera 60 jubilee exhibition series,
Galleria Ars Libera, Kuopio, 15-25 November 2018

Fierce weather incidents are these times trying both the nature and people around the world. Drought is destroying food plants while wildfires, floods and storms are tormenting people. Installations and images on these themes were presented in my exhibition.

Featured were samples of harvest from the warm autumn of Savo in Finland and the dry spring of South African semi-desert. As well as clean water from Finland and rooibos drink from South Africa. Climate and pollution problems are global and touch all inhabitants of our globe.

Above in window Pumpkin Garden, left Souvenirs, in the middle Gourd Heaven and Grain Screen, right Setting. Below part of Pumpkin Garden.

Upstairs there were installations that I constructed from wooden objects and gourds which had accumulated from my many journeys in Africa. I tuned them and repaired broken ones. To glass bottles and jars I collected gifts of nature from both North and South, more and less: rowan and juniper berries, rooibos, kankerbos, seeds. Some of these edible and medicinal plants are endangered.

Above Harvest (part). Below compositions from the artwork Setting.


Downstairs a variation of the video installation Smoke Sauna 100 was presented: a video of a smoke-puffing sauna together with its gifts. That is, water buckets, stove stones, lanterns, water toys, and sauna flowers with the invite: Sit down on the bench, quiet down and wonder. There is still something lasting in the world as yet. The artist offered sauna and rooibos drinks for the thirsty.

Smoke Sauna 100, video installation, 2017-2018. Video, buckets, water, ashes, stove stones, bathtub, water toys, sauna lanterns.

Blackberry and Brown Lily of the series Sauna Flowers, 2018. Photo on foam board.


Where are all going to? Souvenirs (part), 2018. Tuned Nigerian wooden objects.