Sivusto ei tue käyttämääsi selainta. Suosittelemme selaimen päivittämistä uudempaan versioon.

A project of Helsinki 2000 European City of Culture

Flowing Bar

Team: Kristiina Korpela, Kaisa Törmänen,
Uula Hämäläinen (voices), Reetta Korpela (graphics), Riikka Korpela (lights)


Kuopio Art Museum's Juho Rissanen Room, 1- 10 October 1999


Photos Paula Pohjamo


Töölönlahti Bay's Railway Storehouse, Helsinki 28 July - 6 August 2000

Photo Charlotta Boucht


Fragment of The Flowing Bar paper (Reetta Korpela)


Thrills to all senses from berries and vegetables.
There is power of nature on offer as images and voices, tastes and scents, gathered from forests and gardens. Bilberries and arctic brambles, cranberries and juniper berries give their colours and energy to the delight and health of people. Natural juices glitter in rows of bottles, flow in tubes and storm in juice extractors. There are also tasters and tricks available.

Summer in the Töölönlahti Bay brochure 2000



Photo Charlotta Boucht