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Artist, critic · MFA (Art Education), MA (Art History)

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Stars Fall in my spatial artwork in the Varkaus City Library in 4 Oct – 30 Nov as part of Mylly's annual exhibition Exception. The artwork has been pieced together from African indigo textiles and treasures, together with experiments of my own. I have lived and worked in Nigeria and South Africa collecting both traditional and modern indigo textiles. I built my artwork from traditional Nigerian knot-dyes and my South African friends' products and patches. The figures contain treasures too, African stars that I acquired from Archbishop Desmond Tutu's home church's trinket shop in Cape Town. During the corona people's situation on the African continent has got worse and inequality has escalated because of a shortage of vaccines. I myself have got rich experiences and gifts from my African friends for over 30 years, which I am now sharing through my art to others as well.

My exhibition Born to Pirkkala can be seen as a  virtual exhibition on Pirkkala's Youtube channel during 4 June - 31 December 2021, compiled by Rami Marjamäki. It was the first part of a retrospective exhibition series to the places where I have lived during my mobile life: Pirkkala, Imatra, Helsinki, Kuopio, Cape Town. The Pirkkalainen newspaper's 2 June 2021 issue (pp. 20-21) includes an article on my exhibition by Maija-Riitta Merikanto (in Finnish).

 To my study I have constructed a 2nd version of my spatial artwork Where My Home Is?
It consists of images of Cape Town's homeless people's lodgings which do not exist any more. The Flower Boy lived with his pals in a rhododendron bush on the side of the Fruit & Veg market's parking lot. The picture of him is on the door of my study in Syrjälä. The whole artwork can be seen during Mylly's Open Doors when corona will allow.


My study is in Mylly's premises in Syrjälä.
The protected Syrjälä building resides behind the Harjula primary care hospital.
Mylly's address is Niuvantie 4 C, Kuopio.