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Artist, critic · MFA (Art Education), MA (Art History)

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My patchwork Blanket of All The World was present in the Kuopio City Library's lounge in the 4th part of Mylly's annual exhibition in 16-29 October 2023. The artwork continues living in my studio in Syrjälä, where you can come to see it (address below).


My artwork Flowing Bottles was displayed in Nuutajärvi Glass Village's 230 years jubilee exhibition Hot Village throughout summer 2023.


Some of my works can be bought or borrowed from the Kuopio Art Lending Service (Kuopion taidelainaamo).


 To my study I have constructed a 2nd version of my spatial artwork Where My Home Is? It consists of images of Cape Town's homeless people's lodgings which do not exist any more since they were moved further away because of the corona. My friend Flower Boy with his pals lived in a rhododendron shrub at the edge of the Fruit & Veg market's parking lot. They did random jobs to the market and its customers.


My study is in Mylly's premises in Syrjälä.
The protected Syrjälä building resides behind the Harjula primary care hospital.
Mylly's address is Niuvantie 4 C, Kuopio.