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Artist, critic · MFA (Art Education), MA (Art History)

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Centre for Creative Arts Mylly's 10 years jubilee exhibition 2020 was constructed in the Apaja shopping mall under the Kuopio market square. I built there my installation Who Has the Best Ladders 2, which is a continuation to the ladder artwork that I did 14 years ago in Cselley Mühle (Mill), Austria. The themes of the then EU workshop are still timely: diversity and rivalty, multiculturalism and fanaticism. My artwork changes its look with light coming from the outside.

The ladders that I built up from waste wood I complemented with abondoned work gloves that I collected from abolished State Railways engineering works. I had a studio for a long time in the smithy building of the engineering works, the environment was rewarding and there were lots of good collaboration partners, as well as recycled goods.

In the corona-time openings on 6 June distance was kept, sap and water was drunk, fox sweeties and vegan cranberry candy were eaten. Summer was already blossoming in the vase. The exhibition is open until 16 August.

My study is in Mylly's premises in Syrjälä whose facade is being painted simultaneously with the summer exhibition. The protected Syrjälä resides behind the Harjula primary care hospital.
Mylly's address is Niuvantie 4 C, Kuopio.

Valmed's commended exhibition ALLterations was shown in early 2020 in the VB Photographic Centre, Kuopio. After corona around the turn of the year  it may move to the Centrala gallery in Birmingham, England, likewise my Blossoming Desert in some form.