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Artist, critic · MFA (Art Education), MA (Art History)

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Mylly (Centre for Creative Industries, Kuopio) currently has no working space, so neither have I. I have stored myself up at home where I am picking and sorting out my "art junk", that is to say living amid chaos for now. Maybe a creative space this too.

My video work Plastic Sea is present in the Reboot web exhibition by the Photography and Media Art Association Valmed ry.

I returned in the beginning of November to Kuopio from a working and photography journey to South Africa. Yields from the journey were present in my exhibition Of Harvest and Smoke Sauna in the Ars Libera 60 exhibition series (photo).


Fierce weather incidents are these times trying both the nature and people around the world. Drought is destroying food plants, wildfires, floods and storms are tormenting people. Installations and images on these themes were presented in my exhibition, and I continue working on them.

Downstairs in the Gallery Ars Libera there was a variation of the Smoke Sauna 100 video installation. I continue on elaborating on it, too.